Monday, June 23, 2008

Wow its been a while...

I was checking out my blog and others today, and realized its been almost 2 months since I've posted anything. Its been a busy month with Parker being home for the summer I am trying to keep the kids busy so they aren't at each other constantly, although it hasn't helped much. It does seem like we've been going and going though.
We went on a mini vacation last week to The Great Wolf Lodge it was a lot of fun for us all. I would recommend it to any family or couple. Its pretty much an all inclusive hotel there is plenty to do for a 3-4 day stay without ever leaving. We went to the one in Traverse City, MI and even though it was a 4.5 hour drive the kids were asking to go back the next day. There wasn't much complaining the whole trip we even took an extra kid (my lil' sis) for an extra pair of hands and to give her something fun to do over her summer vacation. So I can honestly say at least from ages 1-29 everyone can enjoy this place.
We have a couple birthdays coming up next month that we will celebrate. We kick off the month with my niece, then my nephew, then my brother-in-law, then my hubby, and then Caedy to end out the month. July is a busy birthday month for us luckily I only have to plan something for 2 of the birthdays. Caedence has decided she would like a Curious George birthday party this year, and Nate will celebrate his 30th so I am sure we'll do something special. So far we've planned for a baby-sitter so Mommy and Daddy can take boat ride, and lunch or dinner together. Nate will be taking a few days off the week of his birthday so I'm thinking maybe we can get a special trip in or something fun.
Other then that we are just enjoying summer, and trying to let the kids do some fun things. Parker just finished up t-ball and is half way through golf for the summer with his 1st tournament this Wednesday at 7:45 in the am.... ugh, thankfully I don't have to take him. Basketball camp starts soon and then soccer camp which both Parker and Hannah will be attending this year.
Oh I almost forgot... we moved Max into Parker's room yesterday. I think Nate and I were both more than ready, but I didn't feel it was fair for Parker during school as Max still wakes up and fusses quite a bit when he can't find his pacifier in the night, but since there isn't much to get up for these days I thought it would be ok. Last night went alright Max woke up 3 times, but it didn't seem to bother Parker a bit. Yeah, we finally have our room back! I'm thrilled.

A special shout out to my girls Michelle, Dana and Rachelle... today is Dana and Michelle's birthday, wooohooo, and Rachelle is giving birth to her baby girl today.
Happy Birthday to you all! I wish you a great day.