Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Almost the most wonderful time of the year

Well its Novemeber 2008! Can you believe it? We had our first snow yesterday and the kids couldn't wait to go out and play...

YEP! Even after I said "no" they went out anyhow. Parker built a snowman head, and Hannah made snowballs! It wasn't too bad I guess, but when you have other kids that can't really go out its just doesn't seem fair to let some go, and make some stay in. I guess that may be some thing that will stay the same for them in life for a while.

I've gotten most of my Christmas shopping done which I am glad for, but my fear of doing it early, and having things that I buy go on sale later has already come true. Don't get me wrong a couple bucks is no big deal, but when its 15, 20, or 30 dollars cheaper then I paid that makes me a little upset. I think I've gotten the big items taken care of that went on sale, thanks to my wonderful MIL who is a manager at Walmart and can work her magic for me.

Other then the holidays and our hectic family schedules approaching faster and faster there isn't much new happening here. Nate is looking at a promotion at work which is great for him, and us in the long run, but we still haven't sold our house so it means more hours of him being away until we do so, unfortunately. I'm ready for this house selling business to be done, but with the combination of winter, and the holidays on the way along with the horrible market for house sellers it doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon. So I guess I need to just listen to the Lord and "have some patience", I know he has to be screaming that at me daily because I lack them more then anything when it comes to waiting on life's answers. I just have to keep reminding myself everything happens in his time.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And now its been even longer.

In the last 3 months things have changed a lot... I can't believe I haven't written anything in that long. I guess my time on the computer has been consumed with other things. My new addiction Facebook, and making sure things are up-to-date and the word is being spread about our house. Yes, that's right its finally for sale. We put it up July 4th in hopes that all the traffic around the neighborhood due to the airshow would generate some interest. "What happened?", you ask. 2 other neighbors also put their houses up for sale that same week. One of which sold 3 weeks later and the other hasn't had much traffic that I've noticed. So here it is September 3oth and we still haven't sold. We were told that 6 months is average so I guess I'm ok with where we are at in progress. We had 6 showings in the first 7 weeks and one since then, which we thought we had sold to the last buyer, but it turned out they weren't exactly sure what they wanted to do. So this week we bought an MLS number. Yes, you can do that without hiring a realtor. We had the house up by Friday on the MLS and Monday morning I received our first call for a showing on Wednesday.
I am a person who believes in signs from God... he has to do that for me otherwise I am so consumed with life, that I miss a lot. So early on Monday morning I posted my thoughts on Facebook as follows "Heather is confidant that God will provide a buyer for her house in Oct., please pray for them!" Two hours later I received the call from the realtor who wants to show our house on OCTOBER 1st. God is powerful and in control, and I am not saying that our showing on Wednesday is going to be the last, but God can move mountains and I don't doubt he can sell our house to this person if it is his timing.
Other then house selling we've celebrated 3 birthdays since I last posted. I wanted so bad to write about the year long process of planning Nate's surprise party, but knowing him it'd be one of the few times that he'd read my blog so I couldn't until now. I started last July thinking about Nate's birthday it was his 30th so I wanted to make it really special. I talked with his Mom about doing it at the lake and seeing if she could work her magic and strike a deal with the owner of the Frog Tavern and also the S.S. Lilypad. Well she did. I invited around 120 people and no one blew the surprise. Nate showed up a few minutes late to my surprise, but all was ready and he was shocked to say the least. Not so much that I had thrown him a party, but more that I could plan and invite so many people without him having any knowledge for a year. I am not the best secret keeper. To my dismay a lot of people that I had really hoped would be there were unable to attend, but we still had about 50-60 show for a 2 hour tour around Lake Wawasee, cake, and snacks. We continued the party by staying at the lake for the night with Jonna, Jon, Carly, and family and enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend.
The next weekend Caedence turned 3 and thankfully my Grandparents hosted that party since I had so much going on for Nate's I needed a bit of a break. Her theme was Curious George and a day at the beach.
September brought Hannah's 5th birthday along with her first day fo school. We had a princess party and went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate and play.

Now school has been in full swing for almost 2 months for Parker and a month for Hannah. We are looking forward to moving soon provided God allows and starting life in a new area. Neither Nate or I have ever lived out of Goshen, except for a short 13 month period of time when I moved to Illinois with my parents at age 5. Its scary and exciting all at the same time. We pray the kids will adjust well, and my prayer is that we find a home to suit our family, budget, and that we can stay in for an extended period of time and grow our children.

Thats the update for now. Hope to write more soon, and to say SOLD!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wow its been a while...

I was checking out my blog and others today, and realized its been almost 2 months since I've posted anything. Its been a busy month with Parker being home for the summer I am trying to keep the kids busy so they aren't at each other constantly, although it hasn't helped much. It does seem like we've been going and going though.
We went on a mini vacation last week to The Great Wolf Lodge it was a lot of fun for us all. I would recommend it to any family or couple. Its pretty much an all inclusive hotel there is plenty to do for a 3-4 day stay without ever leaving. We went to the one in Traverse City, MI and even though it was a 4.5 hour drive the kids were asking to go back the next day. There wasn't much complaining the whole trip we even took an extra kid (my lil' sis) for an extra pair of hands and to give her something fun to do over her summer vacation. So I can honestly say at least from ages 1-29 everyone can enjoy this place.
We have a couple birthdays coming up next month that we will celebrate. We kick off the month with my niece, then my nephew, then my brother-in-law, then my hubby, and then Caedy to end out the month. July is a busy birthday month for us luckily I only have to plan something for 2 of the birthdays. Caedence has decided she would like a Curious George birthday party this year, and Nate will celebrate his 30th so I am sure we'll do something special. So far we've planned for a baby-sitter so Mommy and Daddy can take boat ride, and lunch or dinner together. Nate will be taking a few days off the week of his birthday so I'm thinking maybe we can get a special trip in or something fun.
Other then that we are just enjoying summer, and trying to let the kids do some fun things. Parker just finished up t-ball and is half way through golf for the summer with his 1st tournament this Wednesday at 7:45 in the am.... ugh, thankfully I don't have to take him. Basketball camp starts soon and then soccer camp which both Parker and Hannah will be attending this year.
Oh I almost forgot... we moved Max into Parker's room yesterday. I think Nate and I were both more than ready, but I didn't feel it was fair for Parker during school as Max still wakes up and fusses quite a bit when he can't find his pacifier in the night, but since there isn't much to get up for these days I thought it would be ok. Last night went alright Max woke up 3 times, but it didn't seem to bother Parker a bit. Yeah, we finally have our room back! I'm thrilled.

A special shout out to my girls Michelle, Dana and Rachelle... today is Dana and Michelle's birthday, wooohooo, and Rachelle is giving birth to her baby girl today.
Happy Birthday to you all! I wish you a great day.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The sweetest kind of love

"If only I had my camera." I don't know how many times a week I say that, and last night was one of those moments. Once again Hannah was being punished for talking back and not listening, and so I made her stand with her nose to the wall. After what seemed like forever of her of crying I look over (she's still crying....loudly) Max has his hands wrapped around her waist and is laying his head on her back... after a few minutes of that he starts rubbing her back from butt all the way up to as far as he could reach on her head. It was so sweet... he really adores her, and she is good with him... I just wish she was as good with me. Maybe I should teach him to discipline her... she might listen to him.

Monday, March 24, 2008

A year gone by all too fast.

This last year has flown by unlike the last week I've had so many things to prepare for, but now that I've finally got a moment to sit and reflect on all that has changed I can't believe my eyes. On Saturday we celebrated Max's 1st birthday...wow! I can't believe he is one already. Not only is he one, but he has been walking for over 2 months and getting into everything of course. He's saying a couple words, and of course never fail wasn't feeling the greatest on his birthday because he is teething again. On Sunday we celebrated Easter, Max's second, but this year it came one day after his birthday rather then 3 weeks. I've posted pictures of last year and this year just to be able to compare and see how much has changed. All in all we've had an exhausting year of events, but most of them seem like yesterday. One other thing we had this weekend was a milestone. Its the first time in 5 years I haven't been pregnant at my child's 1st birthday party, and the longest time in the last 5 years that I've gone without being pregnant! I'm looking forward to spending this next year with Max seeing some of the things I missed with the others due to pregnancy, and being able to get out this summer for the first time in a long time without being nauseated or enormous!

Easter 08'

Easter 07'

The Birthday Boy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Am I turning into my Mother?

Here is a conversation that I had with my oldest son tonight. He took some gum from my purse and when I asked who had the gum he didn't reply, and the girls told me they didn't have any. Later he finally confessed he has taken the gum...
Parker: Ok, Mom I do have gum
Me: Yes Parker, I know
Parker: How did you know?
Me: Because I know everything
Parker: no you don't
Me: Yes I do
Parker: No Mommy no one knows everything
Me: I do
Parker: there is only one person who knows everything
Me: who's that?
Parker: God
Me: Well, who do you think made Mommy?
Parker: God.
Me: well then don't you think if he knows everything and he made me that I know everything
Parker: no, you only know some things
Me: nope I know everything like when you take gum and don't tell me... I always know...
Parker: Oh....(silence)...well you still don't know everything.
Me: Yes I do and someday when you get older you'll know that I know everything!
Yes, folks this is when I could hear it loud and clear... MY MOTHER... she jumped into my body and her words came right out of my mouth...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

You can run, but you can't hide!

Well its finally made its way to our house...I thought we might have been able to steer clear of it this year, but no it found us like a cowering animal hiding from its predator in the middle of the night...except it came in the middle of the day. The day that I agreed to have family from out of town come, and stay the night, the day I agreed to watch 6 children under 6 by myself, and the weekend that I agreed to host a Stamping party. If found us, rather it found my 11 month old, and then my 4 year old, and we wonder who might be next. It really doesn't matter now though because its here and its here to stay... at least for the week, hopefully not longer because it is not a welcome house guest. Not here, not anywhere. What I can't figure out is how does it find an 11 month old who spends most of his time in the house hidden, as oppose to the other people that freely leave the house daily who it hasn't seem to bother yet? I'll tell you what next year I am making sure we are well hidden and it WILL NOT find us. What is it you are asking if you haven't guessed yet. The nasty, no good, rotten, yucky, icky, unwelcome FLU!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

You can't win...

So its been about a month since I started exercising. I've wanted to lose weight since baby#1, but of course my mind set was if I am going to have more children and close together, why bother I'm just going to gain it back anyhow. So its been 10 months since my last child and its the new year what better time to get started. My in-laws brought over an exercise machine that they weren't using for me month ago, and for a month strait my husband has been making fun of me. You'd think he'd be happy for me, and him that I want to look good, but nooo... it started the night the machine came into the house and I had them set it up in the living room. They all teased because Nate said he would be taking it down in a week and putting it in our basement (where it came from at my father-in-laws). So now instead of saying wow I was wrong its been a whole month I get made fun of because I gained 4 lbs on it, which he lovingly made into 8lbs, but in my defense I also weighed myself right before my monthly friend and after a night out to dinner so I am not sure how accurate that was and then he had the nerve to say because the next time I weighed myself and I lost the 8lbs 4lbs, "you're right back where you started so what's the point"!! WHATS THE POINT??? YOU ASK!! Well the point is to lose weight, feel better, look good for you and for me and BECAUSE I WANT TO!! Is that enough I mean seriously what happened to standing behind someone, and supporting them? Is that to much to ask? I guess so!! Well anyhow I will keep exercising, but not in spite of him because I want to and when I do look and feel better I'll get to say "no thanks to you, buddy!" No I won't really, but a little senserity would be nice and some respect and encouragement without the hehehe as I turn to walk away.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So far 2008 has brought a whole lot with it. Maxwell has been working hard at learning to walk he has taken a couple steps in a row and will stand up from the floor by himself. I don't think this is intentional however, but he is determined to out do those sisters and brother and walk before the usual 13 months of age. He also has six teeth, and boy he knows how to use them...currently he is trying to bite my toes as I type. He has also slept a little more about the last 5 nights only getting up 1 or 2 times before midnight and then sleeping until 5:30-6ish, and I have been sleeping at least that much too. I normal continue to get up at the times the kids get up once they start sleeping more, but not this time I slept strait last night from 12:30 to 5:50. Max has also learned to play peek-a-boo and talk on the phone...everything is a phone and I believe he is trying to say hello. He makes the same caveman sound as hello when he picks up an object and puts it to his ear its so cute. He also cries mamamamamamamamama when he wants me, but I don't know if that is intentional either. I think they might be just noises of madness.
I'm ready to open windows and get out of the house in some warm sunshine. We have taken random kids to the doctor on Dec. 16th, 24th, 31st and now I've still got 3 hackers and snotty noses.They are also very ready to get outside, and have been keeping me on my toes cleaning up after all the new things Santa brought. Thank goodness he brought a few new movies for quite times too!
So ABOUT the rest of the kids.. My first born baby is turning 6 next Monday. I can't believe 6 years has gone by so fast when the last 6 months seems to be taking a lifetime. He is really excited for another birthday and this will be his first birthday party with friends from school. We are taking 8, 5 and 6 year olds bowling on Sunday for an hour and a half and then having family over later for cake and ice cream... which reminds me I need to go get that taken care of its Tuesday already?
The girls are sure taking after each other. Hannah is teaching my impressionable 2 year old everything she knows about being sneaky and getting into things. She has been a big help though since Max has been born and Parker has gone to school she is assuming the big sister role nicely although still acting as the middle child a lot too.
Caedy is getting big she is saying new phrases everyday. Her favorites are very matter-of-fact statements with big words like actually, yesterday, and anything we repeat that sounds interesting.
As for the hubby he is "working hard for the money"! Hasn't bothered me much that he is gone long hours I'd just really like to be closer to him so when he can get away it doesn't take him as long to get here and I don't worry about him driving being so worn out. Plus a little more room for the kids wouldn't upset me at all!
I've planned a little rejuvenating get-a-way for us for Valentines day with no kids. I think it'll be fun, he's not so sure, but my goal is to change his mind by the time the trip has ended! I'll blog all about it when we get back.


Parker got to take a trip w/ Grandpa and Grandma to toys-r-us and spend his gift card.
This is my baby sister w/ Caedence ... they are both growing up fast!

I will not...

Well Jan. 15th and I'm finally getting back around to writing down my resolutions. So here it is I resolve not to focus on my weight... I want to lose it, but I do not want to make it my soul purpose of 2008. I've been exercising on one of those Tony Little Gazelle's I didn't weigh myself immediately prior and I haven't since I started so I don't know if its working, but I have managed to do it every night since I got it that's 5 night and it was even over the weekend. I got up to 30 minutes last night and let me tell ya 5 night in a row is more then I've ever exercised consecutively in my life at least on purpose. I just pray (seriously) that I see a difference. I've changed my eating habits some. I eat smaller portions and I haven't had a second helping of dinner in at least a week, which is good for me I must say. I've also only had about a 3rd of my usual serving of ice cream at night. So I have resolved to not make it my soul purpose in 2008 to lose weight, but I guess you could say I have resolved to make a life style change in hopes that it helps me feel better. Once spring starts I plan to get out a lot more with the kids and make sure that we go outside at least once a day provided our wonderful Indiana weather allows. Now onto the updates...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I resolve to write about my resolutions at a later date. Not much new to tell right now. We made it through Christmas and the kids got waaay too much as usual and now its 2008! I can't believe it. I also can't believe that we were all so worried about going from 1999 to 2000 and its 8 years later. I can't believe I am married with 4 kids and I can't believe that I am not in bed right now. So like I said more on all that to come!