Monday, March 24, 2008

A year gone by all too fast.

This last year has flown by unlike the last week I've had so many things to prepare for, but now that I've finally got a moment to sit and reflect on all that has changed I can't believe my eyes. On Saturday we celebrated Max's 1st! I can't believe he is one already. Not only is he one, but he has been walking for over 2 months and getting into everything of course. He's saying a couple words, and of course never fail wasn't feeling the greatest on his birthday because he is teething again. On Sunday we celebrated Easter, Max's second, but this year it came one day after his birthday rather then 3 weeks. I've posted pictures of last year and this year just to be able to compare and see how much has changed. All in all we've had an exhausting year of events, but most of them seem like yesterday. One other thing we had this weekend was a milestone. Its the first time in 5 years I haven't been pregnant at my child's 1st birthday party, and the longest time in the last 5 years that I've gone without being pregnant! I'm looking forward to spending this next year with Max seeing some of the things I missed with the others due to pregnancy, and being able to get out this summer for the first time in a long time without being nauseated or enormous!

Easter 08'

Easter 07'

The Birthday Boy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Am I turning into my Mother?

Here is a conversation that I had with my oldest son tonight. He took some gum from my purse and when I asked who had the gum he didn't reply, and the girls told me they didn't have any. Later he finally confessed he has taken the gum...
Parker: Ok, Mom I do have gum
Me: Yes Parker, I know
Parker: How did you know?
Me: Because I know everything
Parker: no you don't
Me: Yes I do
Parker: No Mommy no one knows everything
Me: I do
Parker: there is only one person who knows everything
Me: who's that?
Parker: God
Me: Well, who do you think made Mommy?
Parker: God.
Me: well then don't you think if he knows everything and he made me that I know everything
Parker: no, you only know some things
Me: nope I know everything like when you take gum and don't tell me... I always know...
Parker: Oh....(silence)...well you still don't know everything.
Me: Yes I do and someday when you get older you'll know that I know everything!
Yes, folks this is when I could hear it loud and clear... MY MOTHER... she jumped into my body and her words came right out of my mouth...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

You can run, but you can't hide!

Well its finally made its way to our house...I thought we might have been able to steer clear of it this year, but no it found us like a cowering animal hiding from its predator in the middle of the night...except it came in the middle of the day. The day that I agreed to have family from out of town come, and stay the night, the day I agreed to watch 6 children under 6 by myself, and the weekend that I agreed to host a Stamping party. If found us, rather it found my 11 month old, and then my 4 year old, and we wonder who might be next. It really doesn't matter now though because its here and its here to stay... at least for the week, hopefully not longer because it is not a welcome house guest. Not here, not anywhere. What I can't figure out is how does it find an 11 month old who spends most of his time in the house hidden, as oppose to the other people that freely leave the house daily who it hasn't seem to bother yet? I'll tell you what next year I am making sure we are well hidden and it WILL NOT find us. What is it you are asking if you haven't guessed yet. The nasty, no good, rotten, yucky, icky, unwelcome FLU!!!