Thursday, March 20, 2008

Am I turning into my Mother?

Here is a conversation that I had with my oldest son tonight. He took some gum from my purse and when I asked who had the gum he didn't reply, and the girls told me they didn't have any. Later he finally confessed he has taken the gum...
Parker: Ok, Mom I do have gum
Me: Yes Parker, I know
Parker: How did you know?
Me: Because I know everything
Parker: no you don't
Me: Yes I do
Parker: No Mommy no one knows everything
Me: I do
Parker: there is only one person who knows everything
Me: who's that?
Parker: God
Me: Well, who do you think made Mommy?
Parker: God.
Me: well then don't you think if he knows everything and he made me that I know everything
Parker: no, you only know some things
Me: nope I know everything like when you take gum and don't tell me... I always know...
Parker: Oh....(silence)...well you still don't know everything.
Me: Yes I do and someday when you get older you'll know that I know everything!
Yes, folks this is when I could hear it loud and clear... MY MOTHER... she jumped into my body and her words came right out of my mouth...

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