Sunday, March 2, 2008

You can run, but you can't hide!

Well its finally made its way to our house...I thought we might have been able to steer clear of it this year, but no it found us like a cowering animal hiding from its predator in the middle of the night...except it came in the middle of the day. The day that I agreed to have family from out of town come, and stay the night, the day I agreed to watch 6 children under 6 by myself, and the weekend that I agreed to host a Stamping party. If found us, rather it found my 11 month old, and then my 4 year old, and we wonder who might be next. It really doesn't matter now though because its here and its here to stay... at least for the week, hopefully not longer because it is not a welcome house guest. Not here, not anywhere. What I can't figure out is how does it find an 11 month old who spends most of his time in the house hidden, as oppose to the other people that freely leave the house daily who it hasn't seem to bother yet? I'll tell you what next year I am making sure we are well hidden and it WILL NOT find us. What is it you are asking if you haven't guessed yet. The nasty, no good, rotten, yucky, icky, unwelcome FLU!!!


Laura said...

Hope all are well soon!

jpinkpanda7 said...