Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Almost the most wonderful time of the year

Well its Novemeber 2008! Can you believe it? We had our first snow yesterday and the kids couldn't wait to go out and play...

YEP! Even after I said "no" they went out anyhow. Parker built a snowman head, and Hannah made snowballs! It wasn't too bad I guess, but when you have other kids that can't really go out its just doesn't seem fair to let some go, and make some stay in. I guess that may be some thing that will stay the same for them in life for a while.

I've gotten most of my Christmas shopping done which I am glad for, but my fear of doing it early, and having things that I buy go on sale later has already come true. Don't get me wrong a couple bucks is no big deal, but when its 15, 20, or 30 dollars cheaper then I paid that makes me a little upset. I think I've gotten the big items taken care of that went on sale, thanks to my wonderful MIL who is a manager at Walmart and can work her magic for me.

Other then the holidays and our hectic family schedules approaching faster and faster there isn't much new happening here. Nate is looking at a promotion at work which is great for him, and us in the long run, but we still haven't sold our house so it means more hours of him being away until we do so, unfortunately. I'm ready for this house selling business to be done, but with the combination of winter, and the holidays on the way along with the horrible market for house sellers it doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon. So I guess I need to just listen to the Lord and "have some patience", I know he has to be screaming that at me daily because I lack them more then anything when it comes to waiting on life's answers. I just have to keep reminding myself everything happens in his time.