Friday, July 29, 2011

A day not soon forgotten

6:00am - go up got ready to go to the hospital
7:00am - left for Goshen
8:00am - arrived at the hospital and went to day surgery
8:15am - undressed, gowned and being prepped for surgery
8:45am - Family friend from ROCC came up to pray with us
9:15am - nuclear medicine injected into both left and right breast to light up suspicious lymph nodes.
9:30am - wheeled down for surgery
9:34am - anesthetic administered
9:56 am - surgery started
3:00 pm - surgery complete and taken to recovery
4:00pm -wheeled to my room for the 24 hours.

The ride to the hospital was long and pretty quite. Once we arrived to the hospital the questions began to roll in... name, birth date, allergies, do you have to use the restroom, I was waiting on which door are you parked closest to so you can run out of here the fastest? Once they were able to get my IV started things began to move pretty rapidly. I think I saw every second on the clock tick by as people trickled in doing their thing. Shortly after our friend from our church in goshen came up and prayed with us two nurses came and one at a time injected a dose of nuclear medicine under each areola first the left and then the right and massaged each. The pain was extremely intense. About 15 minutes after that I kissed Nate goodbye and cried as they rolled me down the long hallway. The operating room was intense. I've seen them on TV but never actually been in one. They wheeled me in asked me to transfer beds, the anesthesiologist injected some medicine I looked at the clock and that's the last thing I remember. The next thing I knew I was semi awake, and surrounded by nurses who were asking me more questions. The first thing I remembered was I forgot to add my Grandpa to the list of people Nate was suppose to call. One of the nurses (a lady who knew us from our Goshen church) was there throughout the whole process updating Nate and my family and I asked her if she could please tell Nate to call my Grandpa, she said he was already in the waiting room, and that my best friend Carrie was there, as long as she could be, but had to leave to catch a flight. Ironically later I found out that the Dr.'s assistant had missed the surgery because she had just found out her best friend had breast cancer, and had jumped in her car to go be with her as she begins her battle. After a couple short conversations with the recovery nurses I was taken to my room which I don't remember and had several visitors as I was in and out of consciousness. The night was long, filled with nausea and vomiting, pain and trying to get comfortable. My roommate with up crying or snoring all night and I just couldn't handle listening to her so I had the TV on all night. I was up about every hour going to the bathroom. The nurses were helpful even as busy as they seemed.
The ride home yesterday was long and painful, but the journey ahead is going to be longer. Before leaving the hospital I was scheduled 6 or 7 appts. for the next 2 weeks. I'm still overwhelmed with emotions of not knowing exactly how bad this is, and also with all the love and support of everyone around us. My family is being taken care of and I'm so grateful for that, but I'm still in a fog and of course a lot of pain.


Tiffany Arnett said...

I have been then thinking and praying for you!!! My Mom and I speak daily and they are praying for you as well. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask...I'm just around the corner :)
Phillipians 4:13

Brian and Carrie Baker said...

Thinking of you and praying like crazy. You.Are.Amazing.
Carrie Baker

The Zagorski's said...

I know that this is hell right now and that the pain and the unknown S**K but GOD is there and his plan is in place =) Trust trust trust and go forward! Love you and sending virtual/thought M&M's and Ice Cream your way! I'm 2 feet in the car and ready if you need anything from me

Love you!

Caroline said...

Heather, we are sending you our support from here in Florida. You will "never ever walk alone". We love you!

Julie Sweetser said...

Heather - one thing I know about you is that you are determined and unstoppable! Keep your faith wrapped around you like a blanket and know that so many people are praying for you each day, myself included. Don't be shy about letting us take care of you for awhile and just let us know what you need if we don't anticipate that need. Love you! Julie Sweetser

Carrie said...

Heather - It completely sucks that you and Nate have to go through this. I know your faith is strong and everyone is praying but you have my permission to get MAD! It's ok to ask "why me?" It's ok to say "it's not fair". You don't have to always be strong. Be vulnerable and let people help because you won't be able to do it all (shocking - I know - even for you!) We will be out of state for the next 2 weeks, but after that I'm calling you. Do not deny me (or anyone else) the privilege of caring for you and your family. I'm an awesome babysitter, a pretty good housekeeper, and an ok cook. I'll let you choose when we talk. Hang in there and know you are on my mind.

Carrie Bechtel said...

We are getting ready to leave on a 2 week vacation. The bags aren't packed, the laundry isn't done, and the house is a mess. With all of those things yet to be done I went to bed thinking of you and woke up thinking of you. Hope your day is good today!

Trisha Martin said...

Heather -

WOW! I have to say the shock is still with me, I am sure you too. Life can change sooo fast sometimes. Cling to your faith, family, and friends - Love is the greatest gife He gives us. With that we can draw strength and keep the hope! I just want you to know I am another friend ready and willing to help in any way you need. For now I will continue to pray for the many needs you need met.

Trisha Martin

Marcia said...

Joel and I know the waiting is horrible. You are in our thoughts and prayers.