Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm freeeeeee

I got my port out on Tuesday! This was such a great feeling. Although I was very nervous and hesitant about being sliced open in the Dr.'s office it went well. I love my surgeon Dr. Henry he is awesome. He cut me on the same scar as when he placed the port so I won't have an additional scar. I also had a check up with the PA in radiation, and my skin is healing very nicely. She said, she would see me in 3 months. I have an appt. with my oncologist later this month so it will be 3 months from then I will see both of them again. I am not dealing well with this Tamoxifen, I've been nauseated, had some pain in my belly button, my ovaries are throbbing constantly and its making my emotions run wild. Dr. Suh says there aren't a lot of alternatives if I can't tolerate the tamoxifen, and I know the alternative to not being on it could be worse then all of these symptoms, but it has not been a fun few weeks so far. Also, yesterday I called and made my consultation appt. with the plastic surgeon, only to be informed they don't accept our insurance. It made me cry (see more hormones) because this particular  Dr. is one who my breast surgeon recommended, and one I have heard great things about from others. I plan on seeing him for at least a consult, regardless, but I may be on the look out for someone else. I couldn't get in until the end of May so I have some time to do some more research... I guess!