Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Human Pin Cusion

Have you ever seen a movie where the Dr. comes in and says, "now this won't hurt a bit" as he pulls out the longest needle in the world and the camera comes in for a close up? Well today's experience was nothing like that! The long needle came in from behind and hurt like well....H.E. double hockey sticks! After a few moments of digging around in the side of my breast this loud sound similar to the sound of an electric sliding van door x10 came from my side and searing pain ensued. If you are about to get a biopsy please know this isn't normal. The doctor stopped and gave me some more anestetic, but the pain was pretty intense at that point. He quickly finished, and then the nurse prepared new sterile instruments for the next biopsy. That one started out much the same, but before the pain got too bad the doctor hit me with more direct anestitic. Shortly after that he began taking out the samples that he needed at this point it wasn't as bad, but suddenly I became severly nausous and light headed. Thankfully the doctor could see I wasn't doing too well and finished up and got me feeling a little better. After laying there for another 15 minutes I was taken in to get another mammogram. During the biopsy they put small clips in my breast at the spots they biopsied so they could note them on a mammogram. Let me tell you...that was not very exciting as well as also painful. So here it is 8 pm around 5 hours later. I'm still in some pain when I move and already slightly bruised. I hope to have some results by Friday...until then!

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