Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One little thing...

Sometimes you're going along in your day and one little thing can ruin it. Today that was a phone message. I got a message from The Retreat reminding me of my appt. tomorrow, all the sudden I'm emotional, and just this morning I was thinking to myself, "Wow I'm handling this really well this week." Wrong again.

I guess keeping myself busy only delays the inevitable.

Its been a long week and to think its only Wednesday.

Nate had a follow-up appt. yesterday for his Crohn's. His medicine hasn't been helping so the doctor wants to try something new for a while, but if that doesn't help he ultimately suggested surgery which will put Nate out for at least 6 weeks if that happens. Today he had another barium test at the hospital to check for inflammation, and a blood test to check on a few other things.

Also, last night Nate's cousin Amy passed away. She was 40 years young, and had several complications with liver and kidney failure.

And on Monday night.... I found another lump on the same side in a different area. Thankful that I go in tomorrow for my Mammogram and ultra sound, but at the same time its a hurry up and wait situation so I won't know anything for a while after that. I'm guessing not till August 1st when I meet with the surgeon.

I guess its a poor me kinda day... taking the kids to the pool to get out of the house for a while, and then DATE NIGHT!! I can't wait! More later on my appt. tomorrow...

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