Monday, July 25, 2011


Had my MRI today, this will likely tell us what stage the cancer is, and it will tell us how big the tumor is, and also if there is any areas of concern in my left breast. I am about 85% sure we are going to choose to do a bi-lateral masectomy so that I don't spend my days worrying about having to go through this again regardless of what the MRI results say, and my booby buddy Dr. Henry said that would be completely my choice. Unfortunately he called this evening with my results, but we were not home yet, and when we tried calling him right back he had already left the office for the evening. We should know by tomorrow morning when surgery will be scheduled.

The MRI wasn't too bad I wasn't really concerned that it would be, and I only cried once while at the hospital today.

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Amanda said...

My heart is breaking for you today! Eric shared your blog address with me...I hope that was alright. Please now that I am praying for you and asking you the Lord to give you a peace and a strength that can only come from him. Please let me know if I can do anything. My schedule is flexible and I happen to like your kids:)

Love you,