Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday July, 14th Appt.

Sorry to those who have checked in to find no update. Its been an extreamly busy 24 hours. I left our house Thursday at 11am dropped the kids off to Grandma, headed to my appt., had a couple hours to hang out with my best friend, then headed to the evening visitation for Nate's cousin Amy. We stayed in Goshen Thursday night, Nate was up most of the night throwing up or trying to tolerate his pains with moans and groans. I got up this morning went to Amy's funeral, family dinner, got Nate situated with some help with the kids, went on a photo shoot, and then picked my sister up from her week at church camp. Headed to Syracuse got the kids, took everyone home, and started cleaning. Ok take a breath... I finally am!

So back to Thursday. I went to the Retreat in Goshen, for those of you who don't know its a Women's Health Care facility affiliated with IU Health Center of Goshen (formaly Goshen General Hospital), I met my best friend there who came along for emotional support and later comic relief. After being checked in we were escorted back to a changing room where I got to put on a purple wonder girl cape, and then moved into the Mammogram room. They took 2 normal pictures of each breast, and then 3 magnified pictures of the one with the lumps. The technician reviewed them on the spot and then escorted me to the ultra sound room, where the US tech did an ultra sound of both lumps. The doctor in the office then came in a did his own ultra sound of each lump. I was pretty surprised to learn the results of both test immediately, although not very explanitory. Dr. W explained to me that both lumps are undeterminable meaning they can not determine if they are fibrocystic or cancerous by either mammogram or ultra sound...his recomendation is an ultrasonic biopsy on both lumps. I was able to schedule that this morning for next Wednesday afternoon.
To my understanding they will cut a 1/4" opening into me where each lump is, then they will stick in a small straw of sorts, take out a piece of each lump, then place a clip the size of a pin head on each spot they biopsy, after which they will do another mammogram. The clip is placed so that when they do the mammogram they can clearly see each spot that was biopsied. In approximately 3 days after the biopsy they will know the results and then we ill go from there.

Thankfully we have had plently of help up to this point with kids, and everything, but I would ask that you continue to pray for the people that are rearranging their daily lives to help us. Nate is much closer to being a canidate for surgery he has struggled a lot this week with his Crohn's. After testing on Wednesday the GI Doc. wanted to see him right away, after recommending his meds be doubled, and added to he informed Nate that his Crohn's is very progressive. We both know the importance of taking care of ourselves, but a lot of times its out-weighed by the other 4 lives we are in charge of taking care of...we couldn't be more thankful to our family and friends for picking up the slack right now while we get both of our health situations under control.

Spell check isn't working tonight so forgive me for my sleepy errors. More news next week.

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