Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So far 2008 has brought a whole lot with it. Maxwell has been working hard at learning to walk he has taken a couple steps in a row and will stand up from the floor by himself. I don't think this is intentional however, but he is determined to out do those sisters and brother and walk before the usual 13 months of age. He also has six teeth, and boy he knows how to use them...currently he is trying to bite my toes as I type. He has also slept a little more about the last 5 nights only getting up 1 or 2 times before midnight and then sleeping until 5:30-6ish, and I have been sleeping at least that much too. I normal continue to get up at the times the kids get up once they start sleeping more, but not this time I slept strait last night from 12:30 to 5:50. Max has also learned to play peek-a-boo and talk on the phone...everything is a phone and I believe he is trying to say hello. He makes the same caveman sound as hello when he picks up an object and puts it to his ear its so cute. He also cries mamamamamamamamama when he wants me, but I don't know if that is intentional either. I think they might be just noises of madness.
I'm ready to open windows and get out of the house in some warm sunshine. We have taken random kids to the doctor on Dec. 16th, 24th, 31st and now I've still got 3 hackers and snotty noses.They are also very ready to get outside, and have been keeping me on my toes cleaning up after all the new things Santa brought. Thank goodness he brought a few new movies for quite times too!
So ABOUT the rest of the kids.. My first born baby is turning 6 next Monday. I can't believe 6 years has gone by so fast when the last 6 months seems to be taking a lifetime. He is really excited for another birthday and this will be his first birthday party with friends from school. We are taking 8, 5 and 6 year olds bowling on Sunday for an hour and a half and then having family over later for cake and ice cream... which reminds me I need to go get that taken care of its Tuesday already?
The girls are sure taking after each other. Hannah is teaching my impressionable 2 year old everything she knows about being sneaky and getting into things. She has been a big help though since Max has been born and Parker has gone to school she is assuming the big sister role nicely although still acting as the middle child a lot too.
Caedy is getting big she is saying new phrases everyday. Her favorites are very matter-of-fact statements with big words like actually, yesterday, and anything we repeat that sounds interesting.
As for the hubby he is "working hard for the money"! Hasn't bothered me much that he is gone long hours I'd just really like to be closer to him so when he can get away it doesn't take him as long to get here and I don't worry about him driving being so worn out. Plus a little more room for the kids wouldn't upset me at all!
I've planned a little rejuvenating get-a-way for us for Valentines day with no kids. I think it'll be fun, he's not so sure, but my goal is to change his mind by the time the trip has ended! I'll blog all about it when we get back.


Parker got to take a trip w/ Grandpa and Grandma to toys-r-us and spend his gift card.
This is my baby sister w/ Caedence ... they are both growing up fast!

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jpinkpanda7 said...

I feel so bad about little Owen. When I picked him up today from daycare he was so happy to see me he started to cry. It sounds like Max is ready to be on the go!!! How fun. I think I am going to work this Friday but maybe next Friday I can come over and hang out and let the little guys play..