Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And now its been even longer.

In the last 3 months things have changed a lot... I can't believe I haven't written anything in that long. I guess my time on the computer has been consumed with other things. My new addiction Facebook, and making sure things are up-to-date and the word is being spread about our house. Yes, that's right its finally for sale. We put it up July 4th in hopes that all the traffic around the neighborhood due to the airshow would generate some interest. "What happened?", you ask. 2 other neighbors also put their houses up for sale that same week. One of which sold 3 weeks later and the other hasn't had much traffic that I've noticed. So here it is September 3oth and we still haven't sold. We were told that 6 months is average so I guess I'm ok with where we are at in progress. We had 6 showings in the first 7 weeks and one since then, which we thought we had sold to the last buyer, but it turned out they weren't exactly sure what they wanted to do. So this week we bought an MLS number. Yes, you can do that without hiring a realtor. We had the house up by Friday on the MLS and Monday morning I received our first call for a showing on Wednesday.
I am a person who believes in signs from God... he has to do that for me otherwise I am so consumed with life, that I miss a lot. So early on Monday morning I posted my thoughts on Facebook as follows "Heather is confidant that God will provide a buyer for her house in Oct., please pray for them!" Two hours later I received the call from the realtor who wants to show our house on OCTOBER 1st. God is powerful and in control, and I am not saying that our showing on Wednesday is going to be the last, but God can move mountains and I don't doubt he can sell our house to this person if it is his timing.
Other then house selling we've celebrated 3 birthdays since I last posted. I wanted so bad to write about the year long process of planning Nate's surprise party, but knowing him it'd be one of the few times that he'd read my blog so I couldn't until now. I started last July thinking about Nate's birthday it was his 30th so I wanted to make it really special. I talked with his Mom about doing it at the lake and seeing if she could work her magic and strike a deal with the owner of the Frog Tavern and also the S.S. Lilypad. Well she did. I invited around 120 people and no one blew the surprise. Nate showed up a few minutes late to my surprise, but all was ready and he was shocked to say the least. Not so much that I had thrown him a party, but more that I could plan and invite so many people without him having any knowledge for a year. I am not the best secret keeper. To my dismay a lot of people that I had really hoped would be there were unable to attend, but we still had about 50-60 show for a 2 hour tour around Lake Wawasee, cake, and snacks. We continued the party by staying at the lake for the night with Jonna, Jon, Carly, and family and enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend.
The next weekend Caedence turned 3 and thankfully my Grandparents hosted that party since I had so much going on for Nate's I needed a bit of a break. Her theme was Curious George and a day at the beach.
September brought Hannah's 5th birthday along with her first day fo school. We had a princess party and went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate and play.

Now school has been in full swing for almost 2 months for Parker and a month for Hannah. We are looking forward to moving soon provided God allows and starting life in a new area. Neither Nate or I have ever lived out of Goshen, except for a short 13 month period of time when I moved to Illinois with my parents at age 5. Its scary and exciting all at the same time. We pray the kids will adjust well, and my prayer is that we find a home to suit our family, budget, and that we can stay in for an extended period of time and grow our children.

Thats the update for now. Hope to write more soon, and to say SOLD!!!

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