Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Last Days of Summer

We had a long weekend Nate took Friday off for our 5 year Wedding anniversary, and ended up building a shed. However, I didn't mind because we really need one and need to get it done and the garage cleaned out before winter. It'll be so nice to be able to fit both cars in the garage without having to maneuver around junk. It also means I can have a garage sale in the spring without having to ask Nate's help in cleaning the garage out.
We also went to Travellodge (formerly the Ramada Inn) on Friday night for a little hassle free getaway. The boys ended up getting a cold, which had been brewing from the week before.
Saturday was Hannah's b-day party, which she has been very vocal about waiting on so I was glad the event was finally upon us as was she.
Sunday was kinda lazy Nate worked more on the shed, and Monday we spent the afternoon at the lake and what will most likely be our last boat for the season...although I hear its gonna be a hot one this week. Here are some pictures from the weekend that I took with my new camera that Nate got me for our anniversary.

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jpinkpanda7 said...

love the toe sucking. Owen has been doing that a lot lately too. Its so funny!!