Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And we have a date....

I got the phone call today!! I will be beginning phase one of reconstruction with surgery on Oct. 4th. I'm pretty excited, and scared at the same time. I can not wait to get this finished and be done with cancer. I know that I will always have reminders, but to me this feels like the final chapter of the the story. We decided last Friday to go ahead with expanders and implants. While it isn't what I had initially wanted after talking with the surgeon's assistant she defused some ideas that I had in my head, and put me more at ease about having the surgery. Also, if you've kept up with our journey you know that this was the choice that Nate had liked best. Although 4 doctors had told me my body, age, and all other factors were perfect for the surgery I wanted I decided that #1 I wanted to honor my husbands request and to follow biblically what I know to be true (Eph 5:22 - Wives follow the lead of your husbands, as you follow the Lord). While we both understand that resentment may play a factor in either case I pray that I won't feel that way and that his decision will be best for both of us. And #2 I am just so over thinking about this I want to get on with it!!

So here we go, on with the show! Praying I can get through surgery with ease and quick recovery, and that my emotional state from the last surgery does not haunt me this time around. I will be having surgery in Ft. Wayne this time around so I hope that helps!

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