Saturday, November 17, 2007

Home Alone....

Well its been over 48 hours since Nate left to go to the National Missionary Convention in Ohio with his brothers. He's been having a good time as far as I can tell and its awesome that he gets to spend some quality time with Ron and Randy, but you know what that means... it means I get to be home alone with the kids. They have actually been ok a little nitpicking at each other, but that's pretty normal. I hadn't prepared myself very well for this trip. Usually it takes at least a week of me reminding myself to line up some help and find ways to get away from the kids for a few hours, but this time all of the sudden it was here, and he was off. His Mom had taken vacation to be with Ron while he was home so she has been of some help, but I have to share her with my other sister-in-law too which is fine, but something I am not use to doing so its been a little bit of adjustment to not be able to have her whenever I want. It would be great if Carly and I lived closer together so we could help each other out more often, but for now that isn't an option.
So here it is Saturday afternoon. The littlest kids are napping and Hannah and I are watching Scooby Doo, while Parker is off to see the Argos Dragons and their first scrimmage of the season with Grandma. I'm sure we will make it through until Monday morning, but let me tell ya...I am SO thankful I am not a single Mom. I don't know how they do it. I do know I need a break though. I planted this idea in the head of my Sister-in-law in AZ (aka Ron's wife) that when the boys get done doing what they do that we 3 girls need to meet somewhere between there and here and have a little weekend getaway of our own.
Also, having this time to myself makes me always realize how much I do love my husband. Its kinda like that song by Chicago "Everybody needs a little time away...I heard ya say, from each other. Even lovers need a holiday far away from the ones that they love"... Its so true we all need some time away to really appreciate what we have, although I do wish it was me getting to go away a little more often I am glad that we can have these times to gain perspective again and appreciate what we have and be grateful of what we've been blessed with. So here's to another day..."I think I can I think I can"!

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