Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just like an Everingham

It finally happened Max's first tooth broke through.. I've been waiting and waiting. He is almost 8 months and I knew it had to be soon. I almost didn't notice it though because in true Everingham fashion even at 8 months old my kid had to do it different then all the other babies. He is getting a top tooth first. I know its possible to go that way and just because the majority of kids get their bottom teeth first doesn't mean its the only way, but seriously he's been such a good baby and pretty textbook that I guess he had to do something different.

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jpinkpanda7 said...

Weird Owens top tooth broke through too...Our kids are creepy...they are like hand in hand on development/\. But Owen does not crawl yet..lol. I think he is just gonna walk.