Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm MAD at you!

The other night oh... about the middle of last week, it had been a very long day and my husband had already worked 3 very long days and wasn't home yet so needless to say I had about half a nerve left and all 4 kids were on it. I was screaming and yelling because Caedy had pinched her finger very badly it was bleeding all over, Max was screaming because he was tired and hungry, and no one could seem to help me get anything for Caedence's finger. So finally Parker was looking for something and not going at the pace I felt needed in the heat of it all, and I yelled at him to get out of the way, he got mad and went to his room. EVENTUALLY I got Caedy quite enough to be able to get Max a bottle, take off my pants,(somewhere in there Caedy had wet her diaper for the last time and while sitting my lap it had soaked through her clothes and mine), sat down to feed him, of course the door bell rang (me w/ no pants and a baby in hand sleeping) I had the kids peek out to see who it was and luckily it was just the neighbor bringing back a borrowed tool. After all the excitement was over and things were calm... my five year old comes out of his room looking like this....

He told me he was mad at me for yelling at him! I hope this isn't how he views me (especially the mustache part)! Thank goodness for comic relief!

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