Friday, February 17, 2012

Radiation Week 1 (plus 2 days)

Thursday Feb. 9th - Day 1 of radiation. Today was a longer appt. because we were unsure of if we wanted to go down this path. Dr. Doctor of course assured us it was the right thing to do and was gracious in answering our questions, and was glad we asked. Treatment was the longest it will be today. Laying on a hard table with my hands above my head for between 30-40 min. They took x-rays, and measurements to make sure they were hitting the right area's. So far feeling, a little itchy in the evening.

Friday Feb. 10th - Got the kids up for the first time since the beginning of the school year, got them on the bus and left for my appt. In and out, it took about 20 minutes in total and they had to take a couple x-rays again just to make sure they are still shooting the right area. No pain, but a lot of fatigue later in the day. My appts will be at 8 am for the next week and then we'll move to 7:40.

Monday Feb. 13th - Today there were more measurements. Its a little un-nerving that they have to measure every time so far, and then today they say once your measurements match up a couple days in a row we will only measure once a week. Yikes! As I lay on the table today I tried to listen to the sounds, and this is what I came up with its like being on an airplane. As I lay in the room I hear the rushing sound of air similar to a fan, or as you are waiting to taxi down the runway, then a ding sometimes 2 that sounds distinctly like the seat belt sign from the captain. Then when the radiation turns on it sounds like a buzz of an open door, and then you hear what sounds like the release of hydraulics. Its good, I can imagine I'm getting ready to take off to some place tropical! I also got to have a coffee date with my friend Rachel today, and that was good!

Tuesday Feb. 14th - Happy Valentines Day! I had to get out a little early this morning as their was a fresh blanket of snow covering the ground... and roads! Travel wasn't too bad but it took me a full hour to get to Goshen. They did not take any measurements or extra scans today so I was in and out in no time. My skin is starting to feel warm when I leave and somewhat itchy through-out the day. Starting to have a little cough afterwards on the ride home, but its soon gone. Shoveled the drive when I got home, but now I have zero energy.

Wednesday Feb. 15th - no measurement scans again today I guess they feel pretty confident they are shooting the area. The last two days during the first round of beams my throat has felt like when you have a really bad cold and you wake up all mucussy and gross in the back of your throat. I'm pretty sure its because of the radiation because it happens almost immediately after they are done with that section. Today I've had a random cough most of the day, and I was a little nauseated today on the drive home. Tomorrow I am suppose to have my Thursday check in with the Doc. I walked 2 miles tonight at the Y, feelin' it!

Thursday Feb. 16th - nothing much different today. We did some measurement scans and luckily they didn't have to move me at all so they must be doing something right. I met with the Doc. after radiation he was pretty much in and out. Nothing much to say. The muscle in my breast is a little sore just on the radiation side, and I noticed tonight that I am a little pink and sun burnt feeling exactly a week after my first treatment. Again today I noticed the mucussy feeling down the back of my throat almost at the exact moment that I was being zapped. Took Bentley on a walk tonight and tomorrow I plan to check out Anytime Fitness weighed in today at 70 Kg.yikes! Only down 1 Kg in 2 weeks! I was pretty exhausted today, but I think if I try and keep working out my energy level might get better.

Friday Feb. 17th - Woohooo I made it week one done! Today wasn't bad the pinkness had gone away by this morning, but of course was back again this afternoon. Although I'm starting to feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog day I made it through the first week. I told my therapist today how I knew exactly when the were doing the treatment to my throat because of the mucussy feeling and she said she'd never heard that from any other patients. Yippee I'm special in another great and fun way. It was a long day and I'm completely exhausted. I did go to Anytime Fitness today and worked out for about 45min or so, then got a call for a showing on the house so I had to speed clean. Got my workout in and then some. See the Doc next week on Tuesday. Hoping my skin stays decent through-out the weekend.

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We are so glad you are posting and we are with you all the way. We love you!