Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Christian Bubble

We had a guest speaker today at church...very good I must say I am not too into the guest speakers I kinda like to know what to expect when I go to church, but sometimes its good to shake things up a bit. So the guy that spoke today was Steve "something" I can't remember his last name, but he was from TX where he is a pastor to a mere 5,000 young adults and teens. He said something that really hit me today. He talked about our Christian "Bubble" how as Christians we listen to "our" music, eat at "our" restaurants, buy from "our" book stores. However, that isn't what Christianity is all about...just because we do what every other Christian is doing doesn't make us Christians. We need to be reminded as Christians that we are striving to be "Christ like" do as Christ did. As our closing song said today "we can show them love, grace, light, hope.... we can show them JESUS!! I have fallen into the trap, if you will, of doing what every other Christian is doing because that is what Christians do right? WRONG! As Steve said today doing all that stuff is ok, but it lacks faith. Just by listening to WFRN or Pulse isn't making me more faithful. Sure its a good way to worship, but how is it making me Christ like? I am doubting when Jesus walked this earth he had a radio up on his shoulder jamming to Toby Mac.
SO I need challenge myself to get out of the bubble. I probably need to get out of my comfort zone a bit too. Doesn't mean I am going to stop listening to Toby Mac, but I really need to start showing others more what being a Christian means not what we "do". My prayer is that God shows me the opportunities clearly, and gives me the courage to step outside my comfort zone.

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