Monday, July 16, 2007

Church Friends

Over the last almost 5 years my husband and I have been going to River Oaks Community Church. We love it there and have become pretty involved. Nate plays in the worship band, which is great for giving him reason to play and sharing his God given abilities. I've been the nursery coordinator, a child care worker, taught Kindergarten, made food for the summer program Super U, been hospitality coordinator for our MOPS group, and together Nate and I are "official" leaders of a Care group. While doing these things we have made some great friends and I wouldn't trade them for anything, however, I have always longed to have some of those great relationships like I did in school. It seems as though God has decided I've waited long enough.

A few weeks ago some friends we've known for a while, Wes & Julie, Darin & Tara, decided to check out our church, it just so happened that Darin was someone Nate really hung out with a lot back in our younger days, and he was pretty excited to see him. We both were really excited to see them all, and Julie and I have been connecting a lot more these days on a mommy level , which is always great the more mommy friends the less stressed and worried we'll be, so to have her at church was awesome!

Then last week my best friend from high school, Carrie, emailed me and said she had some questions. I was intrigued, but being as she has 2 kids under 2 I figured it was also mommy related. Much to my surprise when I called her to ask what she wanted. She said she was curious to know the best way to begin looking for a church to go to, and some other random questions on how to pick one. She later emailed me and they will be trying 1 of their 3 picks this weekend!!! And even though they live 2 hours away and won't be going to church with me I am thrilled for them!

And although we haven't made much of a significant contact yet I am looking forward to reconnecting and rekindling a friendship that I thought had been lost a long time ago with Rachael another great friend from high school as well!

God always has a plan for you and your prayers, but its great when you see his works!! I am so happy for all my friends. Especially those who have just decided to make the choice to see what church and God can do for them. There are lots of great things in store for you guys I just know it! One of the best things yet to come is that we all have children around the same ages, which means we are starting their generation off right, and hopefully someday they will be able to count on having their own "church friends"!


Rachael Thompson said...

It so awesome to hear how involved you are in your church and that you have made great friends through it. I am excited and am serious when I say that I want to get together sometime this summer before school starts. I will be gone this week but then will be available after camp. I am encouraged by what God is doing in your life. Awesome Heather!

jpinkpanda7 said...

I am so glad that we have been talking too. Its so cool that we both have a baby born on the same day. we will all have to go out after church sometime again soon. Its very nice to be able to talk to an experienced mommy.