Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A real deal!!

I went out to target today to shop for gym shoes for Parker. As usual I go up and down the aisles looking for clearance deals today I found the best one yet. I couldn't pass it up. I actually was in the market to purchase one anyhow which made it even better. I got a Graco car seat for Hannah one that is tall and then you take it apart and its just the booster seat. Regularly 49.99. I paid....are you ready for this...12.48. I think I actually shouted in excitement when I saw the price because the lady standing beside me said "12 bucks!" She and I both grabbed the last 2 up! Anyhow I know some people could careless, but when I get a good deal it makes me excited. I wish I hadn't shouted so loudly cause I would have bought the other one too and maybe sold it on eBay or given it to a friend. Oh well its very cute pink w/ butterflies. Hannah was excited too! Yeah! I wish there were more deals like that everyday!

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