Friday, August 17, 2007

School Days

Well Parker (and I) made it through the first week of school. I'm exhausted and so is he...its almost like working again! Getting up early, getting the kids ready and out the door. I've never been a morning person and apparently age hasn't changed anything for me.
As for Parker...I think he takes after me. Not an early riser! He hasn't enjoyed getting up and hasn't enjoyed being at school for so long. I really hope that his feelings change. I don't want to just assume he'll get use to it. I know he will, but I don't want him to just be going. I want him to want to be going. I know that he will be much more productive if he wants to be there.
Its still pretty surreal to drive by the school and think that I have a child that goes there. Even though I have dropped him off and picked him up the last 3 days its hard to believe. It seems like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital, and even though I don't remember every detail of the last 5 years of his life it some how feels unfair that someone else is going to be spending so much time with my son. Its the same feelings that I had going back to work after he was born and the reason I stopped working. I'm not sure why every mother that has ever dropped off their child at school doesn't need counseling for all these emotions. Its funny because sometimes its hard to remember those "first time Mom" feelings after 4 kids, and I forget that in this case I still am a "first time Mom" ...over protective, and unsure of how to walk this new ground...

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