Monday, November 21, 2011

More Taxol Troubles

Well, last week I wasn't able to have a treatment as most of you already know... I was very discouraged to say the least because 1. I had driven almost an hour for treatment, 2. because my liver isn't functioning right which could cause permanent damage and mean more problems, and 3. because my doctor said if it doesn't change we'll have to try something different. I feel like "something different" isn't good enough. When I was diagnosed with cancer the doctors all met and discussed the best plan of action, and so we set forth with plan in mind. Now if I have to change that I feel like its the second best, and for me second best isn't good enough when it comes to dealing with cancer.
So as I am facing tomorrow's uncertainty of if treatment will continue as planned I feel a little anxious. Hoping we don't have to change drugs, and hoping my liver was just having a bad week and things are back to normal.


Trisha Martin said...

Thanks for updating! We will continue to pray accordingly - Work Liver !!!!! Sincerely hoping you can enjoy the Holidays!

Love is continually being sent your way.


The Zagorski's said...

Wishing you the best Heather!

Love you!