Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Halloween Thing

So many people have asked me "What are your kids gonna be for Halloween?", or "Where are you taking the kids trick or treating at?" . Well due to not wanting to hurt peoples feelings and by all means not wanting people to think I am judging them this is my non-confrontational way of answering people's questions at least the ones that read my blog.
Its a church thing... Halloween originally is the celebration of when the veils between worlds are at their thinnest and spirits of the dead could pass between our world and theirs. People traditionally dressed up to scare the spirits away because it is said that the spirits of the dead were coming back to posses the living.
It is also said that the jack-o-lantern is a light to keep the spirit of an Irishman named Jack away, he fooled the Devil and made him mad so when he died the Devil turned him away from hell and he was so mean that he was turned away from Heaven as well. Upon leaving hell the Devil threw him a lump of burning coal so he could see. People use to put lumps of burning coal in turnips and placed them on their porches in hopes that when Jack came back he would take the light instead of bothering them. Americans have adapted this tradition and use pumpkins instead of turnips.
So there is a little Halloween history for you, and some explanation. If know me at all you know I believe in God and because of this I am not naive to evil which is why I choose not to celebrate it or teach my children to celebrate it. I have been up in the air about letting them go trick-or-treating because I know they will want to and "all their friends will be doing it", but for now I'm saying no, until they are able to fully understand why and stand firm in their beliefs, and I believe that it all starts at home. Children led by example, and I want my children to be strong leaders of their faith. Trust me it'd be a whole lot easier to say yes, and I have in the past I even went trick-or treating as a kid, and I am not condemning people that go or let their kids go. I just think people should be informed on what they are really celebrating.

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