Friday, October 5, 2007

Room for Beds

We need more room! I have just spent the morning putting together and taking apart 5 beds. 4 of them bunk beds, and let me tell ya those suckers are not easy to put together... Let me start at the beginning... about 2 years ago my Mother needed a mattress for my little brother because my step-grandpa was making him a full size bed. At that time he was sleeping on one set of bunk beds. I thought that trading her a mattress, that we did not use, would be great and then we could get my oldest son into a regular size bed instead of a toddler bed and my daughter out of the crib that we would soon need for the new baby about to be born. So it took my grandfather a little longer than expected to get the new bed made, and in the mean time Parker needed a big boy bed. So my Mother-in-law had my husbands old bunk beds in her basement if we wanted to buy a mattress. So I hauled my pregnant butt to her house loaded up one of the bunk beds and brought it home. We bought a mattress, put up the bed, gave Hannah the toddler bed and all was right with the world. However, soon Hannah was too long for the toddler bed. By this time my mother-in-law was ready to move and had my husbands bed that his brother made that she did not want. So we took it and gave it to Parker because it is rather high off the ground and gave the 1/2 of the bunk bed to the meantime we had baby #3. Eventually it was time for her to move out of Mom and Dad's room... here is where it gets the other part of the bunk bed came to our house we put 1 set of bunk beds given to us by my mother-in-law up in one room for Parker and Hannah and Caedence's crib in the other room all by the meantime guess what? Baby #4 was conceived...I guess that's what we get for wanting a room all to ourselves. Sooooooooooo by now Parker has started preschool and is getting a little too inquisitive to be sleeping in the same room with his sister...we moved him out w/ 1-half of the bunk beds put the girls together the other half bed - 1 crib, and a baby crib in our room 6 months later we have a 2 year old who is too big for her crib so.... Yesterday I went to my Moms got the bunk beds that had been traded fair and square for a mattress set (that was not used as intended, but my little brother does have his own bed), and here we are today.
If you have been adding beds in the story and lost track I will fill you in we have 5 beds (2 sets of bunks and an extra) and 2 cribs....we have 3 bedrooms. Parker has a set of bunk beds for him and eventually Max and Hannah and Caedence have a set of bunk beds. I'm exhausted how bout you? It gets better though... we still have 1 bed to set up for Hannah and no bolts to do it with, ahh, yes the joy of children and all the things that go with them. We also still have 4 dressers that need places!

Here is a picture of the beds I'd like to have for our children 2 beds and storage in 1, but at this point if I never have another bed to put together or take apart it'll be too soon.

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You crack me up..LOL..