Monday, October 22, 2007

Over half a year!

MAX IS 7 MONTHS OLD TODAY!! Over half a year as gone by with my baby! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. To get to this point in pregnancy it seems like it takes FOREVER!! He is really progressing fast too. He's been "real" crawling for about a week now, and on Friday he started pulling himself up onto his feet. He has also FINALLY started sitting up, and I didn't help he can do it all on his own! Yeah for Mom backing off for a little independence. Just two weeks ago he couldn't do any of this (except for just about crawling). I haven't gotten any pictures of him standing yet, mostly because when he is doing it I am sitting on the coach and he is trying to get me to hold him, but I will post them when I do. For now here is a picture from a couple weeks ago when he wasn't doing anything and I was praying he wouldn't fall face first off the pumpkin pallet (he did) notice to finally get a couple pictures I had to sit the pumpkin between his legs to hold him up. This is his "what the heck are these face".

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