Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sweet innocence

It's been a pretty overwhelming day today. Just taking in all the fall in the air, and enjoying God's beauty. Of course there is the ever important fall sport of football which I could really care less about, but with boys in the house inevitable its on our TV for at least one game a day on the weekends. Today was no different, Nate relaxed on the couch with the kids off and on, and the football games began, but being that its October there was a lot of pink on the field. Pink shoes, towels, ribbons and shirts all over the stadium. One of my kids innocently said, "look, Mom they are wearing pink for you" they really have no idea that there are so many other women out there fighting this fight, but in a way I'm glad they think that everyone is wearing pink just for me because then they can see how much support we have been shown without knowing even half the people who have supported us, and someday when they run into someone else who has no hair and is a little flat chested hopefully they will show them as much support as others have shown us.


The Zagorski's said...

I love this Heather, thank you for posting!!


Tiffany Arnett said...

Love this post! Stay Strong :)

Carrie said...

Your kids are amazing because you and Nate are amazing. MUAH!!! I love you girl, I think of you every time I see pink anything! And in my house, that's a lot. :)