Thursday, March 29, 2012

Checking Up

Tuesday I went to see Dr. Suh and see what the next steps were for me. I knew mostly what she would tell me, but there were some things we needed to discuss. So for the next 5 years as planned I will be taking a drug called Tamoxifen, it basically keeps my estrogen levels down, causes hot flashes and some other side effects that aren't exactly thrilling, but its what thus far is the next best step. Dr. Suh also urged me to discuss with Nate about having the heredity test done to see if I have the cancer gene. Initially I was very much against this I do not want to worry about my kids possibly having this gene, and I figure by the time they would be near the age of getting cancer there is going to be huge strides in medicinal treatments or even a cure. However, if I get the test I will know if I am at a greater risk for ovarian cancer, and then it would be recommended that I have a hysterectomy to lessen that risk. It is a lot to consider, and I have a month in which to decide. The last great news of the day was I got to schedule my port removal!!! Yeah! So on April 10th I will be port free!! My skin was checked out also at another appt. on Tuesday and it still looks pretty bad from the radiation, but it is healing slowly.

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