Friday, March 9, 2012

Radiation Week 4

Monday Mar. 5th - nothing new and exciting today, normal treatment. I was suppose to have an appt. with a lady who was going to teach me the Wii exercise program, but she forgot so it got cancelled.

Tuesday Mar. 6th - Had my normal treatment today and then got all marked up for my 5 boost treatments to my scare at the end of my regular 28 treatments. I feel kinda like a dot to dot page, there are a lot of stickers and markers on me. Had a CT scan so they know where they'll be doing the boost, and so they can make another kind of bolus device for me that sits on my scare. It was a great day today, and the sun came up a lot sooner during my trip to Goshen then usual. I also got my first haircut today. Just a trim around the neck and ears.

Wednesday Mar. 7th - another regular treatment today in and out. I had a photo shoot today, this time I was the model instead of the photographer, there is a local photographer who does photos for a non for profit organization called Shoots for the Cure. It was kinda neat to be on the other side, although I'm not a fan of myself in pictures. She did a great job. I went all day without wearing my hat today, even to the grocery store.

Thursday Mar. 8th - Saw Dr. Doctor today, just a check up as per my usual Thursday routine, along with new scans. No adjustments today. My armpit is getting pretty sore, and darkening in color, but they said that is normal and ok as long as its not breaking open. Dr. Doctor confirmed today that as long as m skin is doing ok we can double up one session during one of my boost (last 5 treatments) so I don't have to come back one extra Monday, yah!!!! That means after tomorrow, again provided my skin is holding out, that I have 2 more 5 day weeks of treatment left and I'm DONE!!!!

Friday Mar. 9th -  It's Friday!! Today I had my normal treatment, and as I was getting ready to leave they called me back to the room. I had to be checked out as far as measurements for the plan they are making for my boost treatments.They actually have to put an attachment onto the radiation machine, and then put this big blue wax looking block on my chest that has been milled out to fit me properly so that the radiation is hitting me correctly in all the right areas. Interesting to say the least. But again its Friday and that means 10 more days of driving to Goshen for treatment, and 11 more treatments to go!!

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