Sunday, March 18, 2012

Radiation Week 5

Monday Mar. 12th - Nothing new and exciting today same ol' same ol' 9 days left! I'm counting down!

Tuesday Mar. 13th - Same today as yesterday scheduled my appt. to feet the new bolus block for my boost treatments.

Wednesday Mar 14th - Its my birthday and I got to start if off with the doc. saying he wanted me to take time off because my skin is so bad. It hasn't broken open but it easily could. Not sure what I want to do. I don't want to take time off, but if I keep going and have to take more time off that won't be good either. I just want to be DONE!!!

Thursday Mar 15th - Doc was more then happy to let me finish my treatment after we chatted today. My skin is looking pretty bad, but he said actually its better to keep going rather then stopping, although its not horrible  to stop I'm glad he isn't making me. Also went to the "Pink Sisters" support group at church tonight, got a little emotional talking about the kids, but I don't think its something I'll be going to again or often, it just doesn't seem like talking about my cancer time after time is something I need or want to do. I was glad to support my friend Laura though while I was there, and its always nice to be in the company of her and Renee that keep me on my toes that is for sure!

Friday Mar. 16th - Normal treatment in and out, got to stop in and say hey to Nicole today it was nice to see her I miss the infusion room nursing staff a lot, but not chemo! One more week!!!!!!!!

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