Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Clean Out the Clutter!

The past few days when I've had a free moment from being a milk bar for my 2 mo. old I've been cleaning out the clutter. My exact words to my husband were I am going to clear everything out so "what you see is what you get" no more storage of what I think I need to keep. However, I am going threw pitching things left and right wondering what it is that people cherish when their loved ones pass. Not that I want to dwell on my death, but I wonder what it is that my kids will want to remember me by...I know its not going to be old kitchen utensils, books, or suitcases which is what I am seeing the most of in my Goodwill pile, but what will it be? If it were to happen soon would my daughter want a shirt that smells like me that I think has been worn out, but its what she remembers me wearing the most? Or will my son want something organizational for his crafts (he is a lot like me in that respect)?
As I was going threw books today I ran across my husband's Grandfather's Bible. I think that it is something he treasures. Although his Grandfather only passed 5 months ago, and he still has a lot of clear memories I think that the tattered old book is going to be a real keepsake for him. His Grandfather could have retired that old thing and gotten a new one that I am sure would have been special to Nate, but not as much.
So is it the things we use the most or is it the memories that people would prefer to hold onto rather than our old junk? Maybe I'll figure it out, but these days I'm clearing it out. I hope my kids and my husband will prefer it that way, and maybe they'll just remember how much of a neat freak I was...

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