Friday, June 8, 2007

I DID IT!!!!

Finally!! I did it. I accomplished something that I thought would take me a lot longer. Yesterday was the 11 week mark for my newborn, and I finally left the house, took the kids out of the car, and went into Wal-Mart all by myself!!! A small task to some, and me too before my son was born, I actually did it several times a week most weeks (I'm sure my husband will be thrilled I can get back to my old habits). However, once the 4th child was born it was a dauntingly overwhelming task, and it scared me to death. I can't exactly pinpoint why, however, I've heard from several mothers of 4 that it is a very common thing. I think its a combination of your kids taking off and not being able to chase them, someone taking them, or having them get hurt for me. Some people would condemn me for having more than I can handle, but I think the situation is temporary, and I believe that each child I have is glorifying to God, and it gets me a few points with the big guy too. I don't think our family would be complete with one less of our kids. They are all different and they all will contribute something different to our family. (At this point its either laughter, anger, or tears, and a lot of poopy diapers) I realize I still have a long way to go, but in somewhat famous, but twisted words... "Its one small step for the Everinghams, one giant step for mothers of 4 everywhere", haha!

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