Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Prayer Warriors

This is a request to all who believe in God and the power of prayer:
My husband is undoubtedly under spiritual attack. Satan has been attacking his confidence and God given gifts and abilities. Please pray for Nate and that God provides him with the armor and spiritual guidance he needs right now. Pray also that his stress and anxiety go away and that he feels better physically in order to perform his daily commitments. Last, that God will bind Satan and free Nate from this spiritual war. Feel free to sign in my guestbook with your prayers or just to let us know you are praying for him. Thank you, and God Bless you!


Rachael Thompson said...

It's going ok. I can't wait for him to come home. 5 more days! In the meantime, myself, Jason's brother, and mom are painting my kitchen and living room along with all of the trim. This is a surprise for Jason. Hope he likes it!

jpinkpanda7 said...

I will def. keep him in my prayers..I understand. I just realized you had left me comments..lol..Im a bit slow at times. I am very interested in going to your church I will talk to Tara and Darin and Wes and let you know. It will more than likely be next Sunday that we will start. I am glad you started a blog. Its so much better than myspace.