Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another long week ahead

We're about to embark on another long week this week. Nate will be having his surgery on Tuesday morning, and so it goes from there on out. I hope that he gets through his surgery as well as I did mine. Its a much more extensive surgery, and recovery time is a substantially longer then what I endured. We both think its crazy that neither of us have ever had a surgery before now, and in the same year within a couple months we'll both have laid on an operating table. Nate's surgeon seems hopeful that although his pain was bad he is still in better form then others who go into this, and is optimistic it will be without complication, but we know there are still risks and problems that can arise.

Trying to focus on the good, I can't help but think about the last 11 years I've spent with this man 9 years as his wife, and better half of course :). I feel like we've loved each other, and appreciated most things about each other, and tried to respect each other in the best ways we know how. But Cancer & Crohn's have brought us to a different place in our marriage. A place we never imagined we'd be, and yet I feel like although the hardships and trials are still among us we wouldn't trade what are marriage is right now for anything less. I may not know how I will use cancer as a tool once I'm in a good place with it, but I can tell you I have absolutely ever confidence that I will be able to share with anyone how this has strengthened our relationship. I, now, more than ever look forward to the next 50 years with my husband, and pray that God will bless that beyond measure.

I don't want to waste one more minute not making our marriage everything it can be. I hope we have daily opportunities over the next 50 years to do so. I love you Nate, and  for richer or poorer, happy or mad, sick or healthy will continue to do so all the days of my life.

Its taken me a little while to be able to listen to this but it is the perfect song..


Unknown said...
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deb said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely song, Heather. As I think ultimately you knew, I knew he would, and will continue to. So precious of Martina to put words like this to a sweet melody of compassion, caring, loving and sharing. God bless you both.