Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Treatment 2

Day 2 of treatment two so far has been similar to Day 2 of treatment 1, but last night was horrible. I was weak, and terribly nauseated couldn't sleep even though I had been given a drug that helps with sleeping and nausea. This morning I woke up crampy and still a bit nauseous, however after breakfast I did what I do every morning... I ran my fingers through my hair, not a good idea. I didn't get a clump of hair in return, but several strands each time I did it. I noticed last night that my "hair hurt" as we call it around here. You know when you wear your hair up all day and then take it down and it just hurts where you've had it up. I know this won't apply to most of the men in my life seeing as they have the look I'm about to attain, but Nate claims he gets the sensation too when his hair is growing out longer then he usual wears it.

All in all my treatment yesterday went ok we did have to slow down my drip considerably from the last time as my headache came on much sooner. For those that have medical knowledge the first treatment I was at 900ml, they backed it off to 700ml at the end last time, she started at 700ml this time backed it off to 500ml and then finally backed it down to 250ml with a saline dilute running simultaneously. It took considerably longer, which is ok. I had time to visit with my Grandma, but I hope its not an indication of things to come seeing as each time has gotten worse faster. I also acquired 3 more scripts to help with side effects. Between Nate and I we could probably start a small pharmacy, and I will admit that the pharmacist knows me by first name without looking at my script already. Not a goal I ever thought I'd achieve, but it didn't come in handy when Nate's doc wrote an illegal prescription the other night. Nothing horrible he just used one script pad when he should have used two. Luckily with a quick phone call and some understanding we got it filled. Look for some new pictures in the next update.

Nate's still in pain, but by my side, hopefully getting some good healing. I'm so happy he is home even if he doesn't feel the greatest its very comforting.


Rachel said...

I imagine that it will be easier for you to get your much-needed rest this week now that Nate is 12 inches from you instead of 25 minutes. I'm sorry that this is crappy for you.

The Zagorski's said...

Thank you for the update Heather and I'm sorry too that this is such a crappy thing to go through. I'm so glad that Nate is home too.

I hope and pray that both of you feel much much better fast!

Love you,

debbie said...

You much fill prayers, thoughts, and heart’s hopes right now, just know; as you will continue to, both of you, as well as your loved ones. Sensing the many, many prayers, I have faith God’s angels are watching over you, fluttering wings; strength in times it might seem you have little or none, for both of you, Heather, and Nate. His healing is so important, too; so needed… May you both receive the care and calm requested to provide the comfort, rest, nutrition and life-style needed in order to heal as easily and promptly as possible. Thank you for the update.Your strength and grace shine.~