Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Weeks End

When I posted on Sunday that it was the start of a long week I had no idea how long it would actually be. Nate came through his surgery with flying colors. The doctor did it in about half the time he had scheduled for it. They took less of the colon and small bowel then they thought they would have to and he didn't have to have a bag attached on the outside. The surgeon also said that as for his Crohn's he looked everything over, and his bowels look really good and its not progressed at all. HOWEVER, after surgery things did not go as planned. Nate was in extreme pain so much so that on top of his personal pain pump he also had a continuous drip of pain meds too. He was so sedated with those that he couldn't even speak more than a couple words at a time and most of those didn't make sense. It was no fun seeing him lay there like that it was physically exhausting trying to encourage and help him sit up, breath and eat ice chips and very emotionally exhausting as well. Thursday and Friday brought back more of my Nate, walking the entire hospital and no less then 2 electronic devices in front of him at once trying to get back to work. Still physically exhausted from surgery, but getting to the things he should be doing after surgery. There is chance he'll come home tomorrow, but if not then Monday. The only thing left for him to prove at the hospital is that he can manage the pain with pills like he would at home rather then the pain pump. I'm anxious to get him home because I've gained about 20lbs eating at the hospital the food is so good there, and because it will be a lot easier for me to rest once he is here. I don't know how I made it through this week I've neglected myself as far as resting like I need, but I'd do it all over again for him, in a heartbeat. We're on the road to recovery with Nate...hopefully soon it will be my turn!

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