Friday, August 19, 2011

Appointment Update

Well, I just couldn't wait any longer for the Cancer Center to call me yesterday so I decided after I posted that I would wait until 3pm and then call them. Lucky me, they had been talking about me all day, oh boy! Never fail when our family, Nate specifically in this situation, tries to plan around things we always seem to overbook. Nate had an option of going out of town next week or the week after, and as we had been told chemo would start 4 weeks out we planned that being the first full week in Sept. so the really important appts. shouldn't be until Nate got back. WRONG! After talking to the nurse and schedulers yesterday I will be getting my port placed Monday morning, and have my echo scan and chemo education appts. on Thursday possibly also my PET scan depending on how quickly they can get the insurance per-cert. that is needed. They also told me that chemo would start the last week in August. Everything is a week earlier than expected! who wants to be my stand-in husband next week?!? I feel like by the end of the week-end a little break-down may make an appearance.


Rachel said...

I could never fill Nate's shoes, but I'd love to come on Monday and Friday ... maybe Thursday after I pick up my kids from school?

Carrie bechtel said...

I am available Monday and/or wed.

Ginger said...

Jeff can be there if you need him to, He is bringing Kegan, and will be there. He can plan to be there till wed and then it looks like Carrie can be there wed and Rachel on friday,just let him know. Love you Heather