Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some answers

6 days post-op and the waiting was just too much. Nate and I called the PA today at the surgeon's office to see if they had the pathology report. To our surprise they did, and Candace the PA for Dr. Henry seemed to be very forth coming with all the results. They found NO CANCER in the left breast or lymph node they took from the left side. PTL! On the right side however, where we already knew the cancer was they took out a total of 17 lymph nodes and found cancer in 2. It was described to us in this way... My body in this case my breast and the blood stream closest to it (in the arm pit essentially) is the high way and the cancer was in my breast, and got on the high way (into 2 lymph nodes). Which means it could possibly be somewhere else they don't know how far down the highway it got. They did tell us regardless the treatment wouldn't change. The next step most likely after recovery will be another surgery to place a port under the skin and to begin chemo. We meet tomorrow with the radiation doc for his/her recommendation at 10 am, then with a Naturopathic doc at 1, the surgeon's PA for post-op exam at 2, and the oncologist who will confirm chemo and/or radiation treatments at 2:30.

During our talk with Candace she said the pathology report said I was a grade 3 and in her best educated guess my cancer is Stage 2 which could change depending on just how fast the cancer was driving down that highway. If its in other places then it could change to a higher stage, and if its not as bad it could change to lower stage. Of course our prayers are for it to just be in the lymph node and no where else, but the reality we must face is it could be somewhere else. The chemo and radiation will be very aggressive and hopefully take care of that. More scans and test will be done along the way to see how I'm progressing.

So looking at the bright side of things Praise God for no cancer on the left side. Today I'm thankful for clean sheets on my bed (and lots of other things that got done), a nutter butter blizzard, and continued prayers on my behalf.


Caroline said...

I am so grateful you posted this. It is such a good sign that the left breast and lymphnodes were uninvolved. It sounds like the person you talked to was very very forthright. I am glad for this. I am eager to hear how tomorrow goes and I am also Grateful for ice cream. :-)

Santha Major said...

Hi you don't know me but your cousin Laurie asked people to pray for you and that is what we have been doing.. Remember ALL sickness is not unto death, continue to praise the Lord for the good and the bad. When I went thru I continued to call Him(Jesus) on his promises, which where; I can do ALL things thru Him, to look to the hills where my help comes from, greater is He that is in me then he that is in the world, by His stripes I am healed. He wants us to let Him know that these were promises you promised me if I abide in you. I will be praying that He continues to give you strength in the midst of this storm and try to think of it like this, this is just going to be an inconvenience in your life and you will be back on track before you know it. GOD BLESS

everingham5 said...

Sounds like you have a busy day tomorrow. pace yourself & make sure you eat to give you physical strength. The spiritual strength walks with you in Jesus.
It also sounds like some good news from your blog though I know it's scary to you. Appears you caught it early & will pray it hasn't advanced past that spot. We are thinking about you lots & our love to you & the family

Karen said...

Heather...I pray for you everyday and I talk to your mom and pray for her. I work lots of hours, but if I can be there for you I will. My number is in the book, or just ask your mom. I will help as I can. Let me know. Take care and your family is on my "list"!!!